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2.0 Neuro-Slim Life Weight Loss Journal: Build the Body of Your Dreams

2.0 NSL (Neuro-Slim Life) journalling is a brain training exercise to help you break out of the daily 1.0 NSL habits that keep you stuck from losing weight, being happy with your body image, and fulfilled with your day-to-day routine. It’s the journal I created to help me get unstuck and find true freedom in my life.

Create Your 2.0 Neuro-Slim Life

Grab the 2.0 NSL Weight Loss Journal now if you want to:

Start Your Weight Loss Journal Today!

Many women fail to sustain and maintain their weight loss results because they focus on the wrong things. With my 2.0 NSL weight loss journal, you will discover what a real 2.0 body transformation will look like for YOU!

2.0 NSL Praise

I’m living the 2.0 NSL free from dieting thoughts, binges and restriction!

I knew what to eat and exercise. However, I couldn’t seem to make it happen consistently. I have never been into journalling, and whenever I did, I would quit after just a few days and then feel guilt and shame. But, 2.0 weight loss journalling is different. It’s simple, effective, and connects me to what matters most. Six months later, I am still journalling, have lost the unwanted weight, and have the energy and motivation to do other things than eat on the couch and feel sorry for myself. Yes, I am beginning to live the 2.0 NSL I have written about.we


Outstanding journal for weight loss and happiness

Wow, does this beat the infamous 5-minute journal! I started journalling years ago but felt that I was doing it as a task to complete versus doing it to set my day intentionally. I wake up, looking forward to connecting to my 2.0 Neuro-Slim Life. I highly recommend this journal, the mesh of neuroscience and CBT for weight loss is astounding! I’m healthier, fitter, and above all, living my 2.0 life!


It brought my family together!

The 2.0 NSL weight loss journaling topics have been a staple in my house. Both my kids and I look forward to journaling and discussing our 2.0 vision. Plus, I love how it has brought my family closer and more compassionate, supportive and present.


The 2.0 NSL Weight Loss Journal

I’m ready to stop surviving and start thriving!

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Jill Bunny 2.0


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