Discover the Real Reason Why Most Women Struggle to Lose Weight & Body Fat

Presented by Functional Nutritionist & Weight Loss Therapist  Jill Bunny, FMHC

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In this Weight Loss Masterclass, I’ll share:

How to stop gaining and losing the same weight and body fat over and over again

Why it’s so hard to resist processed foods

Why using a diet plan often backfires… and what to do instead

A common weight loss diet mistake many women make when they go on a diet that can sabotage their results

The surprising reason why a lot of Yo-Yo’ers may have a hard time losing weight … and how to avoid it.

Here's a fact...

A highly sensitive brain is one of the most common reasons why
women struggle with weight loss.

I’m going to show you my easy five-step-system to help you avoid weight loss scams and slim down for good!


My weight loss struggles weren’t emotional.

Re-fuel. Re-wire. Re-build.

Learning about the bliss point made my head explode.

- Cynthia Stewart


I get it. When you take away my make-up, highlighted hair, and lean frame, we are more similar than you might think. If we scanned our diet-trained brains, I bet we could have even passed as identical sisters at one point!

You see, for the first half of my life, I allowed the weight scale to dictate my entire day. If I didn’t see the number I had wished for, my mind would be filled with thoughts such as, “ I’m fat.. this past week was a waste… or, what’s the point, I’ll never achieve my weight loss goals.” I would internalize those thoughts, causing me to restrict calories and hit an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill, only to gorge on low-fat sugar-laden diet foods at night because I had zero willpower… (or so I thought!)

Then, add on the stress of adulting (yup… divorce, health issues, and bills), my body was riddled with inflammation. No matter what diet plan, exercise, or weight loss supplement  I went on… it never worked. When I looked in the mirror, I never felt what I was doing was good enough.

Then, when I didn’t think my relationship with the scale could get any worse, it happened. I put on over 50 pounds… to no fault of my own.

I knew deep down, “hacking” or “tricking” my body to lose weight with calorie counting and popping fat burners (oh hydroxycut) wasn’t going to cut it this time (heck, it didn’t work anytime). I needed a different approach. I needed a foolproof system that would account for the stresses of life and re-wire my lifelong negative, pessimistic mindset.

And by golly, I FOUND it. With patience, knowledge, and support, I lost the toxic weight. Plus, I did it without counting calories, spending hours in the gym, or taking ridiculously expensive weight loss supplements.

Six years later, I now wake up each morning thinking about all the things I will accomplish and the women I have the opportunity to help. Thinking about what clothes best hid my body or the number the weight scale have been erased. I now look in the mirror, knowing, with certainty, that I am MORE than good enough.

Knowing what a REAL healthy-fit body feels like has me wanting to spend my life helping women like you feel the same way! This is why I’m delighted to share with you, right NOW, how I solved my toxic weight loss issues! It’s time for you to stop the frustrating Yo-Yo cycle and start living in the body of your 2.0 life with flexibility, joy, and confidence. Say it with me out loud:

“I am no longer available for diets and exercise plans that make our minds toxic. PERIOD!”

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I needed to take action and realize my weight loss goals weren’t hopeless. This training was my first step.

- Karen Charpentier

Let me ask you this...

How much longer are you going to allow your mind to obsess over food and the weight scale?

How much longer are you going to allow your relationship to food and your body hold you back from feeling confident, productive, and happy?

It’s time to take action on the Scale!

Jill Bunny 2.0


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