2.0 neuro slim solution

For Women Who Have Tried Every Diet And Want A Permanent Weight Loss Solution!


2.0 neuro slim solution

For Women Who Have Tried Every Diet And Want A Permanent Weight Loss Solution!

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Sick and Tired of Gaining and Losing the Same 20 Pounds?

Introducing the only neuropsychology weight loss coaching program that focuses on reducing stress and building a healthy relationship with the scale. Together we will re-wire negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours that have trapped you in the cycle of Yo-Yo dieting so you can finally be free to live your 2.0 NSL (Neuro-Slim Life).

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As your Neuro-Slim coach/therapist, we can:

Put an end to the “I will start again Monday” mentality, and learn how to bounce back if and when an obstacle arises.

Optimize your brain health, so you can manage your mind, and control your emotional eating behaviours and finally lose weight for good. 

Transformation Results Include:

Together, we will explore what stressors are stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals. We will design your custom 1:1 weight loss coaching program that suits your learning style, food preferences and schedule!

If you’re ready to start a fat loss transformation that you can confidently sustain LONG-TERM, book in your FREE neuro-slim audit call!

2.0 NSL Online Portal

Gain access to your Neuro-Slim tool kit filled with videos, exercises, worksheets and reading material valued at $12K to help aid you create, build and maintain your 2.0 life beyond weighing yourself and following a rigid diet plan. 

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Why Choose the Exclusive 2.0 Neuro-Slim Program:

Brain health is the most critical asset to sustainable weight loss. Your brain is the organ of learning, loving and behaving. When your brain works right, you work right.

When your brain is troubled, you are much more likely to have trouble in your life; especially when it comes to losing weight and living a 2.0 NSL (Neuro-Slim Life). Unfortunately, many of us don’t think about the health of our brains when it comes to losing weight! I believe the root of most women’s weight struggles are caused by early relationships and experiences that are imprinted in the brain.

I find that relationships and experiences have a profound impact on the ways in which we think and behave around food, exercise and the weight scale. I want to help you grow a deeper understanding of how you have gotten where you are in your weight loss journey (1.0 NSL), while focusing on tangible ways you can make changes to reach your 2.0 NSL without dieting and obsessing over the scale. 

The 2.0 nsl journey

Image refuel your brain

Re-Fuel Your Brain

1.0 NSL
Start with a customized weight loss nutrition plan that focuses on fuelling your brain for optimal metabolic and hormone balance. 

2.0 NSL
Enjoy food freedom without needing a structured diet plan because you know how to indulge when it’s worth it and pass when it isn’t. 

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Re-Wire Your Mind

1.0 NSL
Develop a non-dieter mindset, and break free from food rules controlling your life with Neuro-Slim tools, strategies, and 1-to-1 weight loss coaching. 

 2.0 NSL
Enjoy new mental clarity and energy because you can now focus on more important life events and goals than dieting and the weight scale.

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Re-Build Your Body

1.0 NSL
Start with a customized fat-burning workout program you enjoy, fits in with your lifestyle, schedule, and optimizes stress hormones, menstrual symptoms, and menopause. 

 2.0 NSL
Access your endless 2.0 NSL workouts and training knowledge, so you NEVER feel the need to purchase another workout program, ever again.

The Exclusive 2.0 NSL Coaching Program Includes:

Private 1-to-1 NSL weight loss coaching calls using CBT and Neuroscience

Confidential check-ins, email support and phone call support

At-home and/or gym workouts to increase metabolic burn

Customized, easy and enjoyable nutrition plans that do not involve calorie counting or food group restriction

Supplement guidance to enhance energy, focus and hormone regulation

One year access to the Neuro-Slim Solution exclusive online 2.0 NSL weight loss coaching program ($12k value)

Hardcopy of the 2.0 NSL weight loss journal

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1-to-1 weight loss coaching is perfect for you if:


Connecting and creating your 2.0 NSL with Jill Bunny as your online weight loss coach/therapist.

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